Payment Methods

  • okay art accepts payments by way of a bank transfer.
  • okay art accepts, upon previous agreement, cash payments at the time of the pickup.
  • okay art accepts credit-card and customer-card in case of purchases by way of the Internet.


Authentication & Condition

okay art carefully verifies every object accepted by us and displayed on our web site and thereupon fairly and professionally judges whether the condition of said object conforms to the condition of service okay art expects. Should such an object however not confirm to the sales category and condition okay art stipulates, okay art will not accept and sell it. All objects offered by okay art are used but in a very good vintage condition. If a restoration is visible, okay art shall state this in the respective report and provide detailed photographs on request.



1. Validity

  • 1.1 The present General Terms and Conditions will determine the sale and delivery of okay art interior design and original design objects and furniture by okay art to you (hereinafter called “goods”).
  • 1.2 okay art may amend these General Terms and Conditions from time to time.
  • 1.3 The most recent version of these General Terms and Conditions will be displayed and may be accessed on the okay art web site,


2. okay art’s Agreement with You

  • 2.1 As soon as you place your order, okay art will consider this to be an offer to purchase goods from okay art. However, okay art will not yet consider itself contractually bound at such a time.
  • 2.2 okay art reserves the right to reject an order in case of obvious errors or inaccuracies or because the ordered goods are not available (cf. 3. below).
  • 2.3 okay art reserves the right to limit the amount of the ordered goods.


3. Prices and Availability

  • 3.1 You will find the prices of our goods online or may inquire about them either by telephone or e-mail. The prices mentioned on our web site are the currently valid ones; customers are however asked to ascertain the prices and availability of the goods by telephone.
  • 3.2 Please note that the listed prices only apply to goods that okay art sells by way of its own shop or the okay art web site.
  • 3.3 Information on prices and the availability of the goods may change without previous notice.
  • 3.4 okay art will confirm the price once your order is completed.
  • 3.5 All prices are listed in Swiss francs. Should you wish to pay by way of a credit card, we will debit your credit-card account in Swiss francs. Should your domicile be outside Switzerland, we recommend you contact your credit-card company as to possible fees applying to a currency conversion. okay art will confirm the price upon completion of the order.
  • 3.6 A surcharge shall be added for delivery, with the amount depending on the type of delivery and the destination.


4. Delivery and Title to the Goods

  • 4.1 okay art will deliver the ordered goods to the confirmed delivery address until kerbstone. For carrying and any installation is okay art not responsable.
  • 4.2 All delivery times mentioned by okay art are estimated delivery times that may vary depending on availability, standard processing times, and delivery times.
  • 4.3 The goods will become your property as soon as they have been fully paid.
  • 4.4 Responsibility for the goods will devolve to you at the time you will take them over.


5. Annulments and Returns

  • 5.1 We hope you will be satisfied with your purchase from okay art. Should this not apply for once, you may cancel your agreement with us by sending the respective notification of annulment to:
    okay art, Landskronstrasse 69 UG, CH-4056 Basel.
  • 5.2 Your right to annul the agreement applies for 7 (seven) working days from the time of your purchase of the goods, beginning on the day after you received the goods.
  • 5.3 We will refund the entire amount you paid for the goods within 30 (thirty) days after receiving your notification of annulment. Delivery costs will not be refunded.
  • 5.4 Goods subject to such a notification of annulment shall have to be returned to us to your charge. okay art recommends to do this by registered mail or recorded delivery.
  • 5.5 While the goods are in your hands, you shall have to handle them with suitable care.


6. Miscellaneous

  • 6.1 All agreements between you and okay art shall be subject to Swiss law and any eventually resulting disputes and litigations shall be subject to the jurisdiction and venue of Basel-Stadt, Switzerland, and Swiss law.
  • 6.2 Should any part of these General Terms and Conditions prove unacceptable or not officially executable, the remaining part of the agreement will nonetheless remain binding upon both parties.
  • 6.3 Neither okay art, nor you may assign the benefits or burdens of an agreement entered into on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions to a third party.


7. Import Taxes (in case of a place of delivery outside Switzerland)

  • 7.1 okay art will not be liable for any fees incurred due to taxes or custom dues.


8. Delivery Times

  • 8.1 We will deliver your goods as quickly as possible. Orders will, as a rule, be processed within 1 (one) week. Working days do not comprise week-ends or holidays.


9. Data Protection

  • 9.1 All data provided to us by you shall be stored and processed according to the Swiss Data Protection Act.


GCT 11-2011 The applicable law shall be Swiss law; the venue for any legal disputes and litigations shall be Basel-Stadt, Switzerland.

General Terms and Conditions of okay art, Furniture Rentals, January 2007


1. Applicability and Agreement

  • The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the rental agreements entered into by and with okay art, furniture rentals. The contents and scope of the respective rental agreement shall be determined by the confirmation of order in writing, mostly by e-mail or facsimile message. Oral agreements shall only be binding upon their confirmation in writing.


2. Offer and Rights of okay art

2.1 Service

  • okay art lets vintage design furniture and objects.


2.2 Conditions of Delivery

  • Upon confirmation of the order and payment of the agreed on rental costs in advance and in full, okay art shall be obliged to deliver the ordered goods at the date and place agreed in writing. Delivery to the customer and acceptance of the objects shall only be made upon written agreement and the respective invoicing by okay art.
  • The customer, or another appropriately authorized person, shall have to be at the place of delivery and acceptance in person.


2.3 Due Diligence

  • Unless otherwise agreed, any rented furniture and objects will remain the property of okay art. The customer shall be obliged to take appropriate care of the property of okay art. Damages will be repaired to the charge of the renter. Should it not be possible to repair the goods at issue, the renter shall have to pay the full purchasing value.
  • In case of a violation of this conditions, okay art will be entitled to terminate the agreement and take back the goods without notice.


2.4 Warranty

  • Should the delivered goods show defects at the time of the takeover by the renter, the renter shall have to immediately notify okay art of such defects and document them. Should the customer state defects and the parties not come to an agreement, both parties will be entitled to commission an expert. The costs of the expert opinion shall have to be paid by the party succumbing in the expert opinion. The parties may choose to apply to the courts.


2.5 Disclaimer

  • Damage claims by the customer of any type and based on any kind of legal reasoning, independently of whether this concerns direct or indirect damages to the objects or persons concerned, will be excluded, unless they should be the consequences of grossly negligent or intentional acts by okay art. okay art will not be liable in the event of force majeure.


3. Liability and Obligations of the Customer

3.1 Liability, Insurance

  • The furniture is insured by okay art against theft and transport damage until it is taken over by or handed over to the customer. The customer shall have to immediately notify okay art upon noticing any kind of damage or loss of the rented objects. Should the loss, destruction, or damage to the objects not be covered by an insurance, the customer shall have to cover the costs of repair or a replacement by similar objects. Should it not be possible to repair the rented object, the customer may demand to purchase the rented object at the regular price of the undamaged object. okay art may use any deposit made by the customer to cover the respective damage.


3.2 Term of Delivery

  • Should okay art be unable to adhere to the accepted term of delivery, the customer shall have to accept an ordinary and commonly accepted delay for which okay art is not answerable. Business interruptions for which okay art is not answerable and that are due to unforeseeable events or events for which okay art is not responsible, including events due to force majeure, shall prolong the delay accordingly. The customer will be entitled to terminate the agreement if he has sent a reminder to okay art stating an appropriate prolongation of the delivery time and if okay art has not, within a reasonable prolongation of the delivery time and upon receipt of the reminder, been able to deliver the goods.


4. Prices and Terms of Payment

4.1 Prices

  • Prices will be valid for the agreed time and the items listed in detail in the agreement. Payments may be made by bank transfer or credit card.


4.2 Payment Arrangements

  • The contractually agreed amount must have arrived in full before any shipment may be made.


5. Life and Termination of the Agreement

5.1 Agreement for a Determinate Period

  • The rental agreement may be entered into for a determinate period.


5.2 Agreement for an Indeterminate Period

  • The rental agreement may be entered into for an indeterminate period. The agreement may be terminated by a notice period of 1 (one) month per end of each month.


5.3 Termination of the Agreement

  • okay art may withdraw from the agreement, if the customer should not have transferred or made payment before the delivery date.
  • Should the customer withdraw from the agreement after the delivery, he will have no claim to a refund of any payments already made.


5.4 Return of Furniture

  • okay art shall have to be notified of the exact date of return at least 48 hours in advance. The customer shall be obliged to inform okay art on any damage to or complete loss of an object latest at the time of return. Should the customer not return the rented objects upon the expiry of the rental period or, depending on the agreement, have them fetched by okay art, the customer shall have to pay a compensation for each day of delay in the amount of 10% of the entire rental period until the final return of the furniture. Should okay art demand a return of the furniture and this upon the expiry of a last notice period to observe the terms and conditions of the agreement, and the customer should not be willing to return the objects by this date, okay art may demand full compensation in the amount of replacement goods or goods of similar value instead of a return of the goods. This shall not affect any further liability under the agreement. Upon a return of the goods following an anticipated termination of the rental agreement, okay art will be entitled to demand compensation for wear and tear, loss of value, and any additional costs of transport and assembly incurred.


6. Venue and Applicable Law

  • In case of any disputes or litigations, the Swiss law shall govern. The venue shall be Basel, BS, Switzerland.Basel, November 24th, 2011